English classes taught by Cambridge University-certified teachers in Pondicherry and Auroville
English for schoolchildren | По-русски

You can select the level, the mode, the location, the duration of a particular course and other details in the application form.

As a social responsibility initiative, we may start offering up to 80% discounts on planned courses for 5-9 year old children of single mothers.
  • Students' age: 9-17 years
  • Levels: starting from the elementary (A1 bordering on A2)
  • These are not exam coaching courses


The students will be trained to:

  • acquire communication skills necessary for being able to discuss common topics and expand their social circle
  • enlarge their active vocabulary
  • word their thoughts and express their feelings and opinions, agreement and disagreement in a clear, unambiguous manner
  • ask questions and interrupt the partner in the conversation in the right way
  • make suggestions and offers, find out details, discuss tastes, prerefences and relationships, argue their points
  • improve their listening skills in a variety of contexts
  • develop scanning and skimming skills
  • write essays, messages, reports
  • analyse statements, claims and points of view, interpret information and make inferences
  • expand their general knowledge and learn more about the European culture as well as other foreign cultures
  • master self-study methods
  • acquire the most effective ways of working with various study and reference materials
  • develop their memory and creativity
  • use the Internet for the purpose of learning English
  • the classes are held mostly as task-based dynamic discussions, role plays and communication games
  • the skills obtained in class are then practised under the teacher's supervision in real life, on the Internet (YouTube, Facebook, Skype, etc.)
  • the students practise exercises rarely found in coursebooks, such as retelling and modifying stories, rephrasing exercises, two-way translations, writing essays, summaries, expanding stories, etc. that can only be checked and commented upon by a highly qualified expert
  • the teacher not only guides the children through indirect suggestions and direct instructions but also provides them with the information that cannot be normally found in coursebooks
  • the children are engaged in a variety of activities to keep their attention and develop their interest
  • the course addresses all the four languages skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking, though most reading, writing and listening tasks are expected to be done as homework
  • the programme structure is not fixed, i.e. the teacher adjusts the type and complexity level of activities continuously and uses a variety of text, video and audio materials from different courses the copies of which are provided to the students
  • new material is introduced based on the previous activities grouped according to their grammar and vocabulary relations within a particular CEF level
  • progress tests are optional
  • nous pouvons fournir les explications et les traductions en français
  • nous pouvons fournir les explications et les traductions en français

Depending on the students' and their parents' preferences, various coursebooks, videos and Internet resources can be selected. Some of the courses used are:

  • Opportunities
  • New Opportunities
  • English in Mind
  • Messages
  • More!
  • Solutions
  • Chatterbox
  • Fly High
  • Laser
  • Premium
  • Smart
  • Horizons
  • Matrix Foundation
  • Real Life
  • Friends
  • Welcome
  • Aim High
  • Click On
  • Happy House
  • Challenges
  • Get Set - Go
  • New Parade
  • Side By Side
  • What's Up
  • Access
  • English Adventure
  • English Together
  • Boost!
  • Natural English
  • Fun for Starters
  • Fun for Movers
  • English Result
  • Attitude
  • Blockbuster
  • Adventures
  • Oxford Heroes
  • Starters
  • Get Ready
  • Inside Out
  • Quest
  • UpBeat


  • the students can study in Auroville (Harmony or Waves), at the student's place in Pondicherry, or online through Skype video conferencing and Google Hangouts
  • the location and the time preferences can be selected in the application form

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