English classes taught by Cambridge University-certified teachers
How is ELU different?
  • You are not likely to find any other teachers of English in your city - even at the British Council - who would have both CELTA and Certificate of Proficiency in English from Cambridge University.
  • The maximum number of students in one group is just 8 compared with the British Council's 20, yet you will pay a fraction of the British Council's fees. The small group size allows us to deal only with our students' individual problem areas instead of focussing on common errors.  
  • Unlike even the schools employing Indian staff with "Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers" in educational theory, we do not teach you Tanglish or Hinglish; you will learn how to speak without an Indian accent and know how to use idiomatic English in appropriate contexts.
  • As our foreign teachers of English do not speak any Indian languages, at the Elementary and sometimes at the Pre-Intermediate level courses we employ Tamil assistants who provide explanations in Tamil.
  • What you cannot learn with an Indian teacher of English is how to understand the European mindset and the European culture.
  • You will be taught how to understand and use various structures and patterns without formulating rules and memorising abstract terms.
  • You are unlikely to find any other teachers in India who would teach you how to apply attention control techniques to enhance your speaking and listening skills.
  • Our students can practise their language skills under the tutor's supervision in real-life situations as well as on the Internet, which is recommended by Scott Thornbury.
  • You will learn the psychological aspects of the language.Very few teachers can explain the difference in the psychological impact of different ways of pronunciations, different intonations, sentence stuructures, synonyms in various situations. You will learn how to recognize different classes and social groups by their speech, how to check the accuracy of your understanding and much more.
  • We can help you express your own thoughts and feelings in situations that you are likely to find yourself in.
  • You will not be offered one coursebook to follow. We use the best materials from many courses developed by major publishing houses that are provided to you free of charge.
  • You will not be asked to learn new words and phrases out of context. We also teach you how to guess the meaning of a word or a phrase in a particular context.
  • Online Skype lessons are conducted as video conferencing sessions not only for adults, but also for children above 9, and can be conducted for groups of 4 or less participants.
  • Unlike the Indian teachers of English who make their students tutor-dependent, we teach you effective self-study methods that will help you become independent of the tutor's support as soon as possible.