English classes taught by Cambridge University-certified teachers
Our staff

  • at the age of 13 successfully passed the entrance exams and was admitted to the topmost school in Ukraine, UPML, at the State University of Kyiv
  • entered the State University of Kyiv itself in 1987
  • studied psychology at Perspectiva Centre (now, University of Effective Development) as well as Autodidactics (self-study methods) (1987-1989)
  • learnt English by himself in 2 years' time from the Elementary to the Proficiency level, as well as French
  • taught English in Kyiv together with his assistants from England, USA and Australia (1993-1996), and then independently (1996-2001)
  • was the first to receive the Certificate of Proficiency in English (# ) in Ukraine (1996)
  • instead of accepting the position of the manager of Sumix Corporation, moved to Auroville in 2001, where worked as an English teacher at the Centre for Further Learning and then at the Auroville Language Lab (2002-2004)
  • in 2003 was the first teacher in India to receive Cambridge University's CELTA (number ) after the training at the British Council (New Delhi)
  • continued to teach independently in Auroville as well as online through Skype
  • teaches English at the University of Human Unity