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The course aims at complementing, expanding and strengthening the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills obtained at school. Few parents realise that getting to speak entirely accent-free English is impossible after the student reaches puberty. Various activities offered by the communicative approach will help the students acquire communication skills and express themselves clearly, creatively and confidently, balancing fluency and accuracy according to the situation. We teach them how to become aware of the European mindset, interpretations, western logic, reasoning and out-of-the-box thinking.

The children will not merely study with a variety of colourful course books, graded readers and audio books but will be provided with top-notch instructional video materials, software and taught how to use the Internet resources in order to enhance their motivation in studying the language, engage them fully and capture their imagination. The children will be taught unique self-study techniques to be able to perform most tasks independently during and after the course. The small group size allows us to focus only on our students' individual errors and difficulties.

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By learning and practising the language one is likely to encounter in most common life situations, you will develop and consolidate the four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The course can balance accuracy versus fluency according to the student's goals, and includes the practical use of grammar and phonetics, development of verbalisation, acquiring skills necessary for successful self-study with instructional and reference materials during and after the course, and application of these skills in real-life situations. You will work with several up-to-date course books, various audio and video materials, software and Internet resources.

The small group size will allow us to deal only with our students' individual problem areas instead of focussing on common errors. Our highly qualified tutors' true communicative approach will activate your knowledge of English, and their quality feedback will streamline the learning process. Continuous assessment will provide an objective picture of your progress.

This course is not currently available to Indian students below the intermediate level.

The conversational English course focuses on the development of practical speaking and listening techniques and skills in most common everyday contexts, including work and study situations, with an emphasis on correcting pronunciation, mastering authentic English sentence structures found in dialogues, making use of colloquial idioms, collocations and other language units. The students learn how to understand a wider range of accents and modes of speech characteristic of different social classes.

Essentially, this course involves learning better oral communication skills and enhancing one's understanding of western interpretations, logic and reasoning, balancing fluency and accuracy according to the situation. You will be able to communicate clearly and confidently, and actively participate in a conversation. You will have the opportunities to receive audience feedback and make the best impression in professional and informal situations. Our Cambridge-certified tutors will offer quality feedback to streamline your learning, and their continuous assessment will help you make your subjective perceptions more realistic and objective.

This course is not currently available to Indian students below the intermediate level.


The course will develop the strategies and learn the techniques required to improve your score in any or all parts of the exams. It does not focus on teaching you any new language skills, although it may slightly improve your overall language proficiency. The extensive correction of your individual - rather than common - grammar and pronunciation errors in restricted contexts will improve your accuracy but may also hamper your advancement beyond the Advanced (C1) level. What is considered an error at the Intermediate-level examination may not be considered as such at the Proficiency (C2) level.

You will master a complete range of exam-passing skills needed to improve your score at BEC, BULATS, ILEC, ICFE, FCE, CAE, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, YLE, PET, KET and other exams. Before you take the course, make sure your entry level of English should be already at the level required to pass a particular exam with a certain score.

You will practise performing the type of tasks you will face in the examination, and get familiar with its format, topics and time restrictions. We will perform a series of mock tests that will provide you an objective assessment of your readiness level.

This course is not currently available to Indian students below the intermediate level.


Business or formal English differs from other styles not only in vocabulary but also in the use of grammar, and requires very precise and clear wording and highly targeted analysis of texts. While it is similar to the above General English syllabus in the overall impact on your four language skills, this course helps you control your pronunciation and gestures to improve your engagement with the audience, structuring persuasive presentations and customizing your speech to achieve particular goals, which is required to advance confidently in your career.

The course involves practiing various tasks from real-life situations: meetings, interviews, business correspondence, writing reports, negotiations and telephone conversations. You will receive constructive feedback from our tutors.

This course is not currently available to Indian students below the intermediate level.


This course is for those who plan to emigrate to, study or work overseas in a particular country. While it is similar to the above General English syllabus, it focusses on one variety of English and one particular culture.

This course is not currently available to Indian students below the intermediate level.


The above standard courses may or may not suit your particular requirements. We develop tailor-made programmes that can address your concerns and help accomplish your particular objectives.

Specialized courses of English are in high demand among professionals in different fields: Human Resources (HR), Public Relations (PR), Information Technology (IT), media, film industry, singers , as well as for people who need to pass and interview or perform a particular task.

This course is not currently available to Indian students below the intermediate level.