English classes taught by Cambridge University-certified teachers
Our staff

Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.
Scott Hayden

Our European teachers who are not native speakers of English:

  • were awarded the Certificate of Proficiency in English (the highest possible level that exceeds the level of most native speakers of English) at least 10 years ago
  • received CELTA at least 10 years ago
  • received extensive training in communicative psychology
  • have at least a 10 years' teaching experience in India
  • teach from the Elementary to the Advanced level

    ELU's teachers who are native speakers of English:

    • have a university degree with the English language and/or literature as one of the major subjects
    • have at least a 5 years' teaching experience
    • teach only the Advanced and the Proficiency levels

Our teachers:

  • help you understand how Europeans think
  • can find numerous errors in every Indian newspaper or textbook
  • do not lecture but explain what is hard to find in books
  • not merely correct slips and errors (this is what unqualified teachers do), but also explain why you made ​​them, in what contexts the "error" will not be considered a mistake, how you will be understood by native speakers and who (including native speakers) and when makes these
  • inspire and motivate the students, set the pace of the study process and help them save their time
  • not only select the suitable methods and materials taking into consideration the individual learning style of each student, but also teach students how to apply and use these effectively in their self-study activities
Differences between (1) European teachers with CELTA & CPE and
(2) native speakers of English with a university degree in English
Have a personal experience of learning English as a foreign language
Are fully aware of all the difficulties learners of English face
Are keenly aware of the grading and levels in English
Can speak very slowly and distinctly, reproducing different varieties of English
Have no foreign accent whatsoever
Can teach the "international" English easily understood by non-native speakers
Can easily understand any non-native speaker of English
Are fully aware of the grammar and structures
Hardly ever have to check reference on idiomaticity of a particular usage
Hardly ever consult a dictionary
Can make out practically all words in songs and films
Are the best teachers for Elementary to Upper-Intermediate level students
Are the best teachers for Advanced to Proficiency level students
Can flawlessly speak one regional accent within the limits of a certain social class
Are fully aware of the cultural peculiarities in the UK, USA or Australia
Highly aware of the differences between varieties of English (e.g. American vs. British)
Are fully aware of the local dialects and non-standard English